Getting For You. I Get Anything For you!!

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  1. Tell me what you want

    you tell me the price

    ill get it for you!!!
  2. Sponge, 150k:)
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  3. 10 stacks of sand 100r
  4. I dont think that he can get that or a dragon or bedrock or cobwebs etc
  5. i cant get that
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  8. Excuse me, please. I wasn't talking to you. I was talking with Fellyboy.
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  9. I'll take a double chest each of Pine and Oak logs, please. 70r per stack. And don't bother asking that rapscallion bro of yours, NFell, to help you. You obviously have a much better work ethic.

  10. I want 50 Dragon Eggs
    9001 double chests of Diamond Blocks
    I want dirt. Like 1 piece of dirt.

    That's all.

    I shall give you 1 rupee.
  11. Empire shop.
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  12. Double Blaze Spawner Will pay you 50k and 100k+ for grinder!
  13. 27 stacks of gold ore
    i will pay 4k
  14. 54 stacks of sand for 600r
  15. 4 double chests of stone
  16. you cant get a dragon egg...and you cant get bedrock there...if you can send me a screenshot cause if so I will be going on a shopping spree...
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  17. I will take a double chest of every kind of log (Take your time with that order) I will take them one at a time...I would like them for 70r a stack and if you can get me them in a week I will give you a 1k tip :)
  18. Hm. Just cause... I need wood. A lot of it. And maybe about.... 12 stacks of diamonds? Yea. That`s all. After you get it all, I`ll discuss payment. xD
  19. Stack of diamonds, 2 stacks of iron ore, and 3 stacks of gold ore. Also some lapis if you may. 3k?
  20. If you want 12 stacks contact oleyy