Getting bumped back to minecraft news page on login

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by wassatthen, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. My login is acting very oddly

    Firstly, smps 1,2,9 and Utopia show up in red - cant connect to server. But I can join them, I just have to go through the same rigmarole outlined below in order to get online.

    When I try to join any emc server i first get this message:

    java.ConnectException: Connection refused. No further information.

    so back to the servers list, click again and this time I get a tantalising glimpse of EMC - for a second, then I get bumped right back to the Minecraft News page

    Sometimes the second time I try it will skip the Java.Connect.Exception page and just bump me back to the Minecraft News page. Usually a few turns around this roundabout will get me in but this morning it is being exceptionally stubborn.

    Once I get in, if I want to go to a different emc server I will get the java. error screen but not the bump back to the News page, and I can usually get in with just a single turn around the roundabout.