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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AtomicCookies, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. I got banned for using x-ray,it didn't say that on the rules it just said : Thou should not cheat
    and it's a texture packs too -_-.
  2. X-ray is considered "Cheating". Also, this is not the way for a ban appeal, PM a mod to do so.
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  3. You know xray isnt allowed. Thou shall not cheat. Xraying is cheating.
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  4. If this is a ban appeal (which i believe won't be accepted):
    Start a private conversation with a Senior Moderator or the moderator who made the ban:
    Thank you copherfield - Twitch1
    Also, follow this:

    And, if you here just to say you don't like EMC because you can't use x-ray mods, then: Bye bye.
  5. I think with square, they can actually track what your using. I may be wrong. I have an X-ray texture I use on other servers (or used to) but it seems to take the integrity out of the game, so it's not even fun. It's cheating
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