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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by xoluss, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Nearly every 2 weeks i get banned for a couple of hours for spam and swearing i don't talk in chat i always have it turned off. Will somebody please tell me what is going on??? (This is not a ban appeal)
  2. Is this a ban appeal, if it is than just send a PM to IceCreamCow or another mod
  3. PM a mod about this and they can check your chatlog.
  4. Perhaps you have a name similar to someone else who likes to use bad language.
  5. you got banned for bad language? And you claim you didnt? lolwut?

    Maybe mishap of name. pfft.
  6. Somone may know the password to your account or hacked it and is spamming to get you banned, if i were you i'd change the password, thanks for reading Agent_Notch.
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  7. or hacker? (NO REDWING)
  8. Are you being banned/kicked by the system, or a physical player?
  9. You had a 1 day ban 28 days ago for spam, caps and swearing,
    and a 4 hour ban today for cursing/inappropriate chat.

    My suggestion would be to mind your language to avoid these tempbans.
  10. I knew their was something fishy going on.
  11. Was it the two armed man maybe?
  12. I have been in the wilderness all day today and i was only speaking to one guy and i didn't swear
  13. Do you think a SENOIR moderator would lie? Nooooo.
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  14. Or his 10 fingered relative. :p
  15. Ok, i dont no what is going on so just leave it
  16. Is thr a lying ban?
  17. This was about 4 hours ago, just before you went to the wild by the look of it.
    If you want to have a chat about it, we can do so in a private convo, but I promise we don't ban without proof. :)
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  18. Oh, shaun, my neighbor is at it again with the 1000k+ mobs. :( 3375 i think.

    Ya thread jack :(
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  19. It's ok i just spoke to elneleo (he has the details to my account) he said he was on my account earlier and he did swear but did not spam
  20. Easy fix. CHANGE your password:)
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