Getting Animals to Town

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  1. Alright, I just finished a rather successful journey to the wastelands but now I am annoyed, I have three tamed wolves and it would not let me teleport home with them. I looked on the forums and couldn't find a way to get them home. So I figured I'd try taking them out of the outpost and egging them thinking that maybe it wouldn't charge me since I had them tamed. I am now out 300 rupees to get me wolves home. Is there some way to transport animals from the wastelands to town without spending 100 rupees to egg each one?
  2. There is not another way. Eggification is the only way to travel between sorry.
  3. Yea I figured as much, was hoping that there might be but oh well I guess
  4. Hi.... 300r is quite a bit to lose when you're starting out - so I've paid it back into your account :)

    Go to res 1555 on SMP1 and you will see a chest with your name on it - there are 3 wolf eggs in there for you...

    happy mining :)
  5. Too cool!
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  6. Wow thank you, I'm not starting out though I was simply wondering on the matter, but wow thank you very much.
  7. As long as it helped a bit - no need for thanks :)
  8. Well it did indeed help a bit, and when there is no need for thanks is when I like to say Thank You the most! So thank you once again! :)