Get Rid Of Those EMC Site Virus'! - Windows!

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  1. This has come from IcC + Aikar!

    Only Wireless (I Think!)


    Click this:

    screenshot per 2.png

    Right click the network your connected to. Select "Status"

    screenshot per 3.png

    You will get this. Click "Properties" down in the cornor

    screenshot per 4.png

    This should pop up. Click the bit I have highlighted double click.

    screenshot per 5.png

    You should get this if not change it too it (If you running a "Static IP" this shouldnt affect it)

    screenshot per 6.png

    Change it to exactly below (If you running a "Static IP" this shouldn't affect it)

    screenshot per 7.png

    Once done keep clicking "OK" and close everything then no more Server.exe download ;)

    Any comments please post!
  2. Windows automatically uses in a recent security update, You just need to go into the Command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns
  3. You sir have a horrible connection. :( Disapproved.
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  4. me?
  5. So what does this even do?
  6. This cannot be true. Please post facts...

    I will be EXTREMELY shocked if windows forced every user to use a Google service, nor would ISP's be very happy about it.

    This would break fundamental aspects of CDN's if Microsoft was to do that. It simply can not be true.

    As for the OP, use for secondary.
  7. My computer accesses googles DNS and I haven't changed any settings for it.
  8. And a summary on what this is.

    DNS is like a phone book for the internet. Every internet provider has one that you use by default. These "phone books" basically say "here is the IP Address for" that tells your computer how to get to

    When a website owner updates it's IP, it updates the DNS (Phone Book), but how quickly every internet provider on the internet refreshes theres is different.

    One Internet Provider could be updated while the other is not.

    Google also provides a DNS Server, which as your use to with Google products, is very high quality. It is recommended to use Google's instead of your Internet Providers.

    Follow the original post on how to configure your DNS servers, but on the last step, fill in for the secondary box ( for primary)
  9. Then someone else did it or you forgot. I assure you windows did not push it out. It would be MAJOR news and heads would be exploded. It did not happen.
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  10. stops the dangoures server.exe file download
  11. Either my ISP are just cheap skates and piggy back off Google or Windows really does use google and nobody really cares.
  12. It's gone now? I haven't seen it for the past 20 minutes.
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