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  1. Do you in any way store plots becouse I was on vacation and now that I am back my plot belongs to someone else.
    Had a tower with 50+ diamond blocks would be a shame if it is gone forever.
    Ive had that res for over 2 years...
  2. It appears you have not previously played on this server, as your first login is today. Do you have any other accounts? You migt be thinking of anothr server but emc is a great one if you are looking for a new one! ;)
  3. I joined the forums today, I have been on smp2 before you needed to register :eek:
  4. Hmmm, how long were you gone?
  5. My inventory as of today, ive played alot on smp2
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  6. Unfortunately you lost your res as your last previous login was 3 months ago, and we have a derelict system in place that requires logging in or voting to keep it after a safe-period of 30 days. :/ We would be very happy to have you continue playing though :)
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  7. I have never heard of a way to get a plot back. Sorry to hear you lost your items.
    If going away for an extend period, and cannot vote (no internet) or log in, the 'good' stuff should be stored in vault or inventory, or enderchest (or a combination of them).

    I am sure you can build up again to get back to what you had.
    Plus, I am sure there are plenty of people that would help you out get re-established!!!
  8. He only joined forums today, but was a member for 2 years.

    We are very sorry for the loss, but sadly we do not have an individual back up system yet.

    It is on the to do list.... but just hasn't been done yet.

    It appears you have been only logging in to save plot through out the year? Could get a new plot and give EMC a fresh start :)
  9. about 2 months
  10. Truly sorry for your loss! I know how you feel because for a short time EMC had a derelict policy of only 15 days and I had an alternate account's plot forceclaimed on day 16 and then, unclaimed after a few days....and I had an unimportant res address so I know the person just did it out of spite. So I know how you feel, but I started over and continued to have fun! Hope you do the same and remember to vote or log on at least once a week so it never happens to you again.
  11. Would be neat if you could save your res file. Kinda like a world save. That way if you loose your res you could just put all your hard work on another res. Somehow make it so the file only works for there account. Or even give them the option to sell there file and have it transfered to someone else's account. Kinda like selling your shop.

    It was just a quick thought I'm sure there are downsides to the idea don't kill me. lol :D