Get mining job here at lot 6493! (smp3)

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  1. Hello there, i have tried different techniques to give out jobs to people, and i think i may have finally thought of a good one. Tired of not having enough rupees and can't sell your items to anybody? Well look no further, come to my lot where i can buy them off you!

    I have created a room for employees to Sell many things to me. Directions: In order to get to this room, once you spawn walk down the wool stairs and look to your right, where there should be a set of stairs. Go down there, and head towards the yellow and blue wool room, where the chests are located. Here you may sell your items, which I have listed below with set prices.

    64 Cobblestone: 11R
    64 Sandstone: 36R
    64 Sand: 12R
    64 Glass: 40R
    64 (Logs): 38R
    64 Nether brick: 42R
    64 Brick blocks: 80R
    16 Glow stone: 300R
    2 Diamonds: 94R
    2 Iron Ingots: 13R
    2 Gold Ingots: 17R
    32 Lapis Lazuli: 40R
    32 Coal: 40R
    64 Endstone: 28R

    Feel free to stop by and sell any stuff you'd like to me, If you can think of think of something that i could add to list, let me know! You may work whenever you'd like, you get paid for what you do!
  2. Still looking for workers, Have added End stone to the list