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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you great news! I'm giving out my first Donor Wall Prize. It goes to 1 person each week, on Wednesdays or Fridays. Down below is the person who get there prize and and there name. Congrats to that person! :)

    Player's Prize: 33 Shiny Flesh
    Player's name who won the prize: BlinkyBinky (Congrats!! :))
    Pickup information: This player can either have it mailed, and then do /mail get, or come to my res on smp2 and do /v +4390.

    Congrats Blinky! Also congrats on Contribute team! :)

    Edit: Prize given to BlinkyBlinky. It was mailed to smp4. /v BlinkyBinky.
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  2. No disrespect, but didn't you leave twice?
  3. What that got to do with this though?
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  4. I think thistle was just wondering why HelloKittyRo sakd she was going to stop posting on the forums twice? But then keeps coming back. He also stated that he meant no disrespect by what he said :)
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  5. Nope. That one I don't know what I even meant, lol. :rolleyes:
    I agree with you. :p
    Yes. But the forum one when I said I was gonna leave was not so true because I said "I changed my mind." So technically, that one isn't true

    And for the 2nd one, Yes. But by all meaning, I'm just gonna be on EMC less.
  6. I feel so honored :rolleyes:
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  7. You deserve it. You're such a nice friend and do so many things for me. :)