Geomanteia Ornatum: The Institute of Magicka (Lot# 713)

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Do you like my lot?

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  1. Well after 3 weeks or so of diligently working on this building, it is finally completed. Geomanteia Ornatum is the place where I can practice sorcery, study ancient tomes and experiment with Alchemy. You are more than welcome to take a stroll through the grounds. I have a store on the 3rd floor, with room to renovate a 2nd tier once the game goes out of beta and I devote my time to exploring once again. I hope you enjoy looking through it as much as I did building it. Est. 50+ hours of work invested thus far.

    Come by and see me some time, buy from my store. Reasonably priced stuff, no need to price gouge.
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  2. i love the libraries reminds me of a stronghold
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  3. only way bigger
  4. Does Picture 8 say "Eat Chaos Turd"?

    A beautiful mind you've got there....
  5. indeed it does Crazy1080 or it did until AusQB changed the 'turd' into 'taco'. In fact all of my neighbors have trashy looking lots and I have yet to see any improvements or any signs of building since I moved in. Would love to have some neighbors who were active and had a real sense of imagination.
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  6. I got a bit of inspiration from the stronghold as a matter of fact. Thanks for noticing!