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  1. For those of you that don't know, geoguessr is a game where you are dropped into a random spot on Google maps, and using only what you can see around you, have to guess where in the world you are, with points for how close you get.

    The game can be found here

    I thought it might be cool if we had a go, and see who could get the best score :)
  2. Cool! I'll try it.
  3. We need an EMC version of this...
  4. TIL parts of Canada look like the Southern USA. xD
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  5. I got a game where my average distance wrong was 17 miles. Also got a game where I'd been to one of the places...
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  6. This is a fun game. Closest I got was about 146km. :p
  7. I keep guessing wrong on mine. First I guessed was somewhere in the states and it was in Canada, the next I was like "Oh it's Canada" and it was Sweden.
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  8. I managed to get the region ok :p The first one looked like canada so I clicked in the west, but it was in the east :p

    Then I had one is russia, and it was a bit to the north. Then I had one and guessed Kazakstan but it was Poland :p
  9. Yay.
    A cool game.
    My closest I was was:
    1800 away approximately.
  10. It stuck me in Hungary by this snazzy building:
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  11. Apparently Australia and Russia come up in this game a lot. 3/5 I get are in Russia. 3/5 are in Australia for Brit. It's a bit misleading when it comes to Aussieland, there aren't any Roo's, Koalas or giant spiders :p
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  12. :O Theres no such thing here!
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