General's and friends wild base [DNQ: Distance not met]

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by generalfelino015, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. I own and controll a island in smp7, is called Luthra island. I was the co-owner of the island, but now, am the owner, because, the ex-owner decided to live in smp5 (the name of that player is Tarka_The_Otter). So since then i protect that wild base from grifers since 1.3.2. I have many grinders in the island, and also a nether wild base, that are conectet through a nether portal. I live in the west part of the island. I will go and put a sign with a locked chest with my name as soon possible.
  2. Once the chest is placed i will register your base officially. :)
  3. Ok, I will set it up as soon I get online, got damit wifi!
  4. The chest has been set it up.
  5. Unfortunately your base is located too close to an official outpost to fall under the protection of the Empire wild policy. You still have the protection you have always had as an EMC player though. :)
  6. The problem is that, the base it was built when smp7 was starting, so i didn't have problems. But ok, It still my wild bse and it will be my base :D.