[General] Surviving the Frontier & Wastelands

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  1. Adventuring into the Wastelands is the best way to gain resources, but can also be one of the m ost dangerous if you're not properly prepared. While you're completely safe in town, the wild is a normal Minecraft world, complete with creepers, lava and death.

    Take Supplies
    If you wonder off into the Wild without any equipement, you're bound to come back in a way known as death. Tools, armor and food are the three most basic yet important things you should take with you on your way to the Wild. This is especially important in the Nether, as there's nothing there naturally to create any essential equipment.

    Getting Back
    If you're deep in the wild, it can be very hard to find Spawn and get back. The Empire Minecraft server network has made it a little easier to find your way back to Spawn by adding a Live Map. You can access each server's map from the Servers page.

    If you're ever hopelessly lost, head for 0,0 - as on pretty much every world, that's near a Spawn area. You can use /location to see your current co-ordinates. Sometimes it's best to use the live map to find the nearest outpost though.

    Survival/Mining Techniques
    • Never dig straight down. Anything could be below you, from ravines to lava - all waiting to kill you.
    • Never dig straight up. Creepers love dropping in on unwary adventurers.
    • When in the nether, always have a stack of a material like cobblestone on you. You can use it to build bridges, and to stack back up to where you were if you're knocked off by a ghast. Cobblestone is much more resistance to ghast fireballs than netherrack.
    • Whenever building bridges, or walking along thin walkways, hold shift. It really will save your life.
    • Unless going from spawn, whenever in the nether, keep a stack of obsidian and a flint and steel on you. Ghasts love putting out your portals.
    Original guide by FooHundred's HeadFooHundred
  2. Part 2 (Getting Back - In-depth)

    The live map is the help from the server that will get to escape the wild. Use the live map to navigate your way to the protected spawn. Moderators WILL NOT teleport you to town, help prevent you from dying or give you back lost items if you die. Also, no one will be able to have access to /vault UNLESS a wild reset is underway.

    Another way to avoid getting lost is using mods such as Rei's Minimap an approved mod), which allows you to set waypoints. Set these waypoints at your personally recognised locations such as bases, outposts/spawns. The Minimap mod only allows the use of waypoints in the Nether, not the actual mapping.
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  3. What is the difference between the frontier and the wild? I just wanted to know.
  4. The wild name was changed to the Frontier to avoid confusion but TBH it will still be called the wild for a long time yet.
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  15. Another good tip for traversing the nether is too take a stack of sand or gravel, this way if you need to reach a lower area you can simply drop the sand/gravel untill you can stand on it then dig down.
    This tip was from nurglesrot if memory serves me well ^^
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