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Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by GDTrekkie, Mar 22, 2016.

    I'm GDTrekkie and I've created my place in the Wild/ frontier called GDTopia I live in SMP7 Wild West.
    Anyone is welcomed to stay at GDTopia! But no griefing or else PERMABAN.

    • No griefing
    • Don't build your builds on the island without my permission
    • When there are crops or a farm which you harvested from please replant it
    • No killing the mobs like cows, sheep, chicken... etc.
    • Don't kill Killer
    • No leaving useless signs all over the place, Put them on the message wall (Making soon)
    March 23 2016
    Today is the first day I'll start on my blog. GDTopia was created back in 2015 but wasn't really worked on. Finally during 2016 I've started to work on it more. I've added more decoration and such to the island. I'm still trying to build the "Sky Rail" it's basically what it sounds like, a short railway going to Spawn and back and to other parts of the waste where I might build other things besides GDTopia. I've secured my island with torches and right now I'm trying to finish my GDTrekkie skin in the water.