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  1. The GDL is a nonexclusive club I started. GDL stands for Greefer Defense League. Any one can join just speak to Builder6999 or me RyanHanson914. Its easy to join and its free. If you are a member feel free to create a GDl base in your plot. When you join you don't have any responsibilities you must follow but you should try to attend meeting and such.
  2. what sever is it on smp1 2 or 3
  3. I wanna join why do you think I donate so much -_-

    also nice presents.....
  4. yes my home is on smp2 you can get stuf for my home
  5. whats the sever ip can you tell me please !!!!!!!
  6. I wanna join GDl :D
    watch out for the Greiferhood of NOD lol
    Im gonna make an Outpost's in my res
    But that's gonna be after 2-3 days (after I finished my exam)
  7. you can join just find me when im on
  8. for smp1 its:
    for smp2 its: and so on
  9. like this ?
    for (int i=1;i>0;i++){
    out of memory lol.
  10. When can I join GDL?