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  1. I've been playing a few weeks. I just became an Iron supporter. Great game.

    I'm an Aussie living in China. I'm planning to do a PhD so Iron level is enough for me - I need to ration my time.

    The main disadvantage in playing from China is that I use a VPN to get a reliable connection, so a bit laggy at times.
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  2. Hello. Live long and prosper
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  4. Wow. Thats dedication! Glad to have you here:)
  5. Read Title and I was like "Aww Yeah another fellow Aussie" Welcome to The empire :)
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  6. Another Aussie! Welcome to the empire :D
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  7. "Welcome to the Empire where the server trolls you." -pat2011

    Ya I'm just going to adopt that as my own.
  8. Awesome! Welcome to the Empire!
  9. Hai there :) enjoy your stay :D
  10. PLAGIARISM, That is almost like JustinGuy's Quote good sir >:[

    I can tell I've been on imgur/reddit too long. I read it as "G Day" like "Cake Day" or like a day of the week. I was like "uh..what?" Then I saw the Aussie part. >.>'

    Welcome! :D
  11. Welcome to EMC, where the players are awesome and the server trolls you! We trust you will have a most enjoyable time :D
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  12. By the way, here, trolling=dont do anything bad.Just so you dont think we are crazy... :p