[Gardens] Looking for a neat garden design(er)

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    I'm building a new project and I'm looking for someone who can add a nice garden/forest/cave to it :D

    I need it in at /v 209 at the Left building (when you spawn at the res). I'm looking for a little garden type thing with a few spots in it to chill. I wanted to add an armor stand/floor above that and room for a little brewing.

    If you're interested, please contact me =)

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  2. Eclipsys asking for a builder.
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  3. One of the greatest MC builders ever is asking for a builder? What? Sorry if this is irrelevant but I'm actually quite curious, seeing as how you're good at building gardens :p
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  4. My brain literally exploded as I read this ;-; Are you felling okay Eclipsys?
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  5. Hahahaha, well I'm always looking for new ways to involve other people in my projects. I don't want to be that 'unbeatable guy who doesnt need any help'. Besides, its alwasy more fun to work with others! XD
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  6. But... You already are that unbeatable builder xD Alexchance could give you a good run for your money and maybe a few others but jeez :p You're up there haha. I wish I could help but... I don't think I have enough time to type my 100 reasons why I shouldnt build you a garden xD
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