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Do you own a Sims game? And if so, which one?

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Yes. (Sims 3) 6 vote(s) 50.0%
Yes. (Sims 4) 4 vote(s) 33.3%
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21? 1 vote(s) 8.3%
You shall never know! 1 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. Hey Guys!

    Today I wanted tot talk about one of my favorite games. As you can see in the title, its The Sims 3. Now, you might be wondering why i'm bringing up Sims 3 and not Sims 4. Well, i'm talking about isms 3 because like i said, its one of my favorite games (My parents wont get me Sims 4).

    For those of you who don't know what The Sims 3 is: It's a game where you have to control your sims/family of sims to fulfill their wishes and needs. You can have children and can have as many generations of sims as you want. Mods and custom content can be downloaded to make your game better.

    If you want to friend me on The Sims 3 then here is my username: LellyKJ
    (It's a silly name, I know).

    Also, on this thread, you may post pictures of you sims game. It'd be nice to have a few people posting pictures and perhaps telling us about what their doing and whether they are willing to take up challenges. (Challenges = 100 baby challenge, Perfect genetics, ECT).

    I'll start off this thread with a photo along with a bit of a back story.

    My sim called Avery young (My Perfect Genetics starter) Was due to give birth. She gave birth at home. The babies were triplets and 2 of them had been passed on the gene of pink eyes and the pink/purple hair. The third had blonde hair and pink eyes.
  2. The best Sims game :D
  3. My experience with Sims 3:
    -Time to start a legit game here. Just a hard-earned lifestyle
    -Jesus christmas can I make this guy's shower not be 30 minutes
    -You're angry because you're not getting enough sleep because you're terrible at managing you own time even when I do most of it for you
    -Screw this I'm using Motherlode. Just once, to put me on my feet again.
    -Alright maybe twice
    -okay four more times, then I'm done
    -I've gone too far.. time to start a new, legit game.
    -rinse and repeat
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  4. I have Sims 3 and Sims 4 and I enjoy playing both of them.
  5. Me when playing Sims 3:
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  6. Me, every time I try to play... *sniffle*
    M'kay... How 'bout we take you to a insane asylum okay? Everything will be alright... (Oh dear lord)
  7. U
    Lol haha. I've only done that once. I think. Most of the time I give myself infinite money and build a humongous house.
  8. I played up through the sims 3. Until they realized they could sell expansions that broke the game and made it unplayable but we would still buy them (yes, I know the review says it is bug central and doesn't work but i want scuba diving!)

    I got the sims 4 but didn't put too much into it. I didn't like that I had to go to a loading screen to switch lots.

    I never had a problem making money without cheats XD that was part of the fun! Move_objects on was the best because you could kill (or rescue a starving sim, stuck due to bugs). I especially liked playing with the generations. Start with one or two sims I design then just go with it. By the 2nd to 3rd generation, money was a non-issue but once I got to the 6th generation it would get buggy.

    Ah and I never finished all the puzzles from the world adventure expansion! I think I got the hammer like once? Idk there were so many ways to play the sims. A lot of the same reasons I love minecraft! Nevermind that I only just started playing haha :eek:
  9. Oh! and the Origin takeover.

    That kind of ruined it too. Having started with CDs and the sims 1, I found it extremely irritating that it required me to be online to play the game. It didn't help that origin was super buggy and it was obviously incorporated so they could sell us more stuff while playing the game we already purchased.

    Another reason I was so happy about Minecraft. It was a quick download, I wasnt required to install steam or origin in addition to the game, and I can access it both online or offline.

    slightly off topic - did anyone else play sim ant? it was so basic but fun haha
  10. i am a big time sims gamer, lol i have EVERY single expansion for every set of games.
    i have the original sims complete collection, i have the sims 2 and every add on that rolled out with, i have the sims 3 and every add on that that rolled out with.. i also have the sims 4 with everyone add on they've released so far ^_^
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  11. Just a suggestion, you should install mods and proceed to troll the Sunset Valley population.
  12. I played Sims 2 when I was younger with a couple of the add-ons, great game! Because of it, I decided to buy Sims 3, and while I've played it a few times and got fairly into it, I could never get into it like I did with Sims 2 :p Maybe I'll get into it again one day...
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  13. all i do is kill people on sims 4
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  14. Sim city 2000 is where it's at
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  15. (bumping)
    I remember when the game still worked for me I would randomize an entire family and move them to a big secluded plot. Then I would provide them a refrigerator, counter, dining table + chairs, sometimes beds, an enclosed room with only a cheap fireplace, a swimming pool with a wall around it, a bathroom, and a TV (not on the wall) all on one half of the plot.
    I made sure that none of the sims I made had overpowering traits like daredevil or brave, and one of them had to have the technophobe trait. When the family starts out, I would immediately do ctrl+shift+C and type in testingcheatsenabled true, and let the killing begin.
    I would have the technophobe sabotage the TV, then make someone else stand in front of it and drag their bladder level all the way down so they would pee, and make someone else try to fix it while standing in a puddle of urine. They would electrocute themselves and die.
    I would teleport someone into the enclosed room with the fireplace and have them light a fire, then wait for that fire to spread so they would burn and die!
    Sometimes I would drag their hunger all the way down so they would starve. Sometimes I'd make them swim and drag their energy all the way down so they'd drown. Sometimes I'd toggle age transition on them and made them die of old age.
    I would keep every single tombstone and line it up on the other end of the plot until it was completely full.
    ahh, fun times :)
  16. I don't want to lie, I do this almost every time I play.
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  17. I had a really big family legacy on The Sims 2 when I started playing it, about 3-4 years ago. Ended up deleting it because it got so big.

    Nowadays I just use cheats on the Ultimate Edition EA gave away for free on its 10th birthday and do weird experiments with sim genetics.

    I do only have 100+ hours on The Sims 2, and 250+ on The Sims 3, I think the former is a much better game. I've played The Sims 4 once and I really don't like it. TS3 and TS4 (TS4 especially) are pretty much just cash grabs by EA and have much less content but are more expensive than an 11-12 year old game, which is kind of ridiculous.

    EA should get someone to remake the original game with HD graphics, updated resolutions, all of its DLCs, new content, and other stuff. They'd have infinite money from everywhere.