{Gaming Talk} Talk about your New Games!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you got a New Game, and wanted to share your Thoughts and opinions on that game?

    Well here is the place to do so.....

    You can share your Thoughts on any aspect of the game, and just about any game.

    This thread is here for others to check out players opinions on games.

    -No Drama
    -If the game is over PG, Please note that.

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  2. ***Reserved for Future Idea's***
  3. ***Reserved for Future Idea's***
  4. Oh yeah, games!

    Although Battlefield Hardline isn't a new game, I still love it! The new expansion packs and added weapons will always be enough for me to stick around (I have Premium :)).
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  5. Hands down one of the best new games I've found in a while. It's amazing!
    For those who don't know, Roguelands is a space action Roguelike RPG made by Sean Young, who also made Magicite (Both games are available on Steam). At its current state, it has a ton of bugs, but it's still in beta.
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  6. This isn't a game I haven't gotten and won't be getting it, but I think it's still important to talk about:

    From what I've researched online, this game for the Wii U is liked for its graphics, however it has received a lot of negative responses from its gameplay. In general, it was criticized for its lack of game modes and depth.

    With what I'm understanding here, I think Nintendo didn't intended this game to be a huge success, compared to their other games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World. Instead of perfecting the gameplay, they focused most on the visuals, so that people got hyped by seeing the trailers. As a result of this excitement, most people will attempt to get the game as soon as possible, without considering its playability. And if they find that they don't like playing it, it's too late. Nintendo has already taken your money and won't give it back.

    Now, why would Nintendo make low-budget and/or low-quality games, like Mario Tennis Ultra Smash? I think they make these games to distract their fans and keep them within their community. Nintendo has been working very hard on their upcoming new Zelda game for Wii U. The developers want to carefully take their time to do their best at it. However, this creates a long waiting period for the game to be released which unfortunately isn't favored by us consumers. So, to compensate for the wait, Nintendo schedules to release all of these lower quality games during the time being, hoping they serve as coping mechanisms for us and that we don't forget about the bigger projects they're working on.

    To be honest, I would not take Nintendo's strategy to produce works they'll be bombed while working on larger projects. But at the same time, I don't want to be forgotten or believed that I've retired or died. The Metroid series hasn't had a remarkable game in 8 years, but its main series hasn't been abandoned. Miyamoto and President Reggie has talked about going back to it, and one of the story writers for the Metroid games had a difficulty time thinking of how to not retell an existing story.
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