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  1. So, I'm getting a new headset (old one broke) today, I've been looking into some good ones, and my friend recommended the Turtle Beach X12's. It has good ratings and reviews, though it says the headset itself is kind of fragile. I will post my own review once I test them out. Feel free to recommend other headsets to EMC members (Astro A50's are amazing) these headsets (I've heard) are the best for its price range. If you're looking for a high-end amazing quality headset, try the Asto A50's.
    Review: (Will Edit)
    Packaging: Good
    Comfort: Great
    Setup: Easy
    Sound/Bass: Average
    Durability: Slightly Above Average
    Overall Quality: Good/Ok
    Here's a picture of the X12's.
  2. I use it it has awesome quality it rocks. (sorry im not doing a full review :))
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  3. What kind of headset did you have that broke?
  4. They were the Turtle Beach MW3 Headset: Foxtrot.
    I believe it was a re-skinned PX21.
  5. I know about Astro A50's. I review products all the time, I have Astro A40's though.

    Turtle Beach Pro's and Con's:
    + Super-sensitive mic picks up everything I say, even whispers and mumbles; this was the single biggest factor to my purchasing these to replace my previous headset, the Sharkoon X-tatic SP
    + Great sound, not overly "bass-y", and you can control the amount of bass with the Bass Boost dial
    + XBOX controller connection is compatible with the chat pad and all Rock Band/DJ Hero/Guitar Hero controllers without an adapter, unlike the Sharkoons
    + Extremely comfortable, even with glasses and after multiple hours of continuous use
    + While they're not noise-canceling, I'd say they cut external noise at least in half, if not more
    + Controller dongle/pod is light and well positioned

    - Microphone is so sensitive it often picks up background noise
    - I don't entirely like the microphone monitoring feature. I don't personally need to hear my own voice when I'm speaking, but it is a useful reminder about whether or not you have your mic muted.
    - Due to the position of the mute toggle, it can be a little too easy to accidentally change the Bass Boost/Game/Chat volumes inadvertently
    - Very, very slight static hiss when plugged into USB power, which is apparently systemic to USB-powered headsets. The hiss is less noticeable here than with the Sharkoons, at least

    Highly recommended if you need a PC and/or 360 headset.
  6. OMG is that you? I see your reviews on Amazon.com ... :3
  7. Ahh. I was just wondering, I have a headset with a mic (some Logitech thing I think), but for listening to music, I use Beats!
  8. You may never know O.O
  9. I use it. The only down side is that it won't work for recording. The sound is just messed up so may ways when I record.
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