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  1. Hey Emc,

    I was thinking about getting a gaming computer, and I was leaning towards Asus. I don't really know which model is the best though. Can you guys please recommend some to me and maybe other brands if you don't think Asus is the best?

    Thanks, King :)
  2. Laptop or desktop?
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  3. Maybe Alienware?
  4. Oh sorry laptop
  5. If you want a gaming computer. I suggest a desktop
  6. MSi GT70 is an awesome laptop :D
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  7. Well the only problem is that I travel constantly so thats why I am leaning towards a laptop.
  8. Haha, overpriced Alienware...
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  9. MSI makes good laptops, but ASUS is good too. I would personally pick the MSI over the ASUS just because I have used one before.
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  10. if you want a portable gaming laptop get a razor it's the worlds thinnest gaming laptop thinner then a dime.
  11. Thank you everyone
  12. So, I am an active member again, and this is the first of many topics i will reply to. I am a computer geek. What games do you want to run primarily?
    Low-end games? (FIFA 14, Old GTA games (III, Vice City, San Andreas), World of Warcraft, etc.) An ASUS N550JV-DB71.

    Mid-End games? (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Left 4 Dead 2, Tomb Raider, etc.) A MSI GE60 2OE-003.

    High-End games? (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Crysis 3, etc.) A MSI GT60 2OD-026US

    All in all, if you're just going to play Minecraft, any normal low-end to high-end computer will do. Hope this helped! :)
  13. The 2k one is a beast :p If you want a good gaming laptop, get that!
  14. I guess it depends on the guy's budget.