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  1. recently i have had a lot of issues finding games for mac and i was wondering if any other mac or non mac users have any suggestions on decent games

    and i think that is all
  2. What types of games are you looking for? RPG, RTS, FPS, Adventure?
  3. mostly fps and adventure games
  4. CS: GO or Insurgency for FPS. Perhaps Terraria for Adventure
  5. i have both of those (-insurgentcy ) i also found a solution for my problem (thx JDHollow) i can use a program called boot camp so i can use windows but thx for your help
  6. You would still need to buy Windows when you use BootCamp.
  7. i kno
  8. You could also give wine a try if you don't want to run windows in a vm. Most things are a hit or miss but work alright.
  9. Sky gamblers is good in my opinion
  10. Stardew Valley has Linux/Mac builds via steam as of 2-3 weeks ago, and to my knowledge, they are flowing out to other build areas, such as GOG and standalone.. If you ever played Harvest Moon, you will love SdV.. :3
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