[Gameplay] Catching and taming ocelots

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  1. N.B. Ocelots refer to the wild and untamed version of cats.

    1. To catch a cat you will need some (probably more then 1) raw fish and to transport it a wooden stick.
    2. Next step is to find a jungle.
    3. Once you found a jungle and an ocelot the next, tricky part starts. Running towards it will make it sprint away from you. So you grab the fish and hold it in your hands. Then you sneak towards the ocelot, until it notices you. It will sneak towards it pray - the fish. You shouldn't at all move while it is doing this. Just stand still. Eventually it will stop right in front of you. That's the time you can tame it. It might be possible to egg without taming it, but it will instantly run from you once you switch to the stick, so if it doesn't work or you fail to egg it you have to do it all over.
    You can't egg baby ocelots.

    Once you are back in town you can hatch the eggs. But care they will be wild ocelot's again. So they run, and anybody can tame them. And you might not be able to tame then outside your res due to build rights. So again you need fish. You should hatch them in a big closed room. If it is to small, they might never switch from escaping to tame mode. So make sure it is big enough.

    Cat breeding works with the same rules as other animals, only difference is that you need raw fish instead of wheat. There are 3 colors of cats. Your first two cats get random colors once you tame them. The rest apply to the breeding rules. So parents determine the color of their children.

    Cats eat raw fish to get in Love Mode. This however doesn't heal them. Only splash heal potions do heal them.

    Additional information
    • Cats don't suffer from falling damage
    • Don't leave ocelots untamed, as they might bug themselves out of your cages. Just as sheep do with laggy Minecraft animal mechanics.
    • Sometimes the cats don't get loaded if you teleport to them. Walk up to the place they should be sitting and they get loaded eventually.
    • While ocelots can despawn since they are hostile mobs, CATS can't despawn! So tame them fast.

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