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  2. My computer exploded - so it will be another week or so before i get another computer, so i can get on (to be in a video) - but if you were to use one of my reses (3027;3048) in a video, that would be cool :)
  3. Cool it's always nice to see the empire on youtube...
    +1 sub!
    Your commentary is good!
  4. Check out 9088 on SMP4, still on progress (as always) and Ill be happy to let you look around 8888 also on SMP4 :)
  5. Haven't you finished it like 3 times now Stads?
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  6. Yeah u can be in a video and I can do both res.
  7. Thanks
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  8. Also I have screenium so I might at a latter time maybe want to do something with you
  9. Alright. I will check them out. :)
  10. Alright that sounds awesome. :)
  11. Thanks, let me know when your ready and perhaps I can give a special tour :)
  12. Alright :)
  13. What time zone are you so I can try to organise a time?
  14. mountain us&canada time
  15. Okay, I'll see if I can work that out :)
  16. Actually, do you know what your time zone code is? Like EST +10 or something like that?
  17. (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
  18. This is very cool, maybe try 535, the Rainbow Melon Casino.
  19. Alright