GamekribJim buried Alive!

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  1. He has been buried alive on lot 12732 on SMP 6! Everyone check it out.
  2. Lol! He's actually there in a pit! Even with a tombstone!
  3. Who would do such a hideous crime
  4. I didn't see him when i went :(
  5. He likes to be on display...

    I had him in a cage with a bunch of chickens near the pool at 103 :)
  6. It probably happened due to his inactivity... Once R0bbieJo and I were talking and hanging out with him and then all of the sudden he just stopped doing things and didnt respond! When I came back on the next day he was still there doing nothing! He must start playing then get distracted and never comes back.
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  7. Lol that is so funny! :)
  8. Lol. So youre the culprit! At least you dont bury me in bedrock like jeremy..
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  9. ^^^^ lol bedrock! :)
  10. sort of offtopic but how many site posts/likes do you need to become an active member? :)
  11. Not a clue, I have.
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  12. Darn I really want to know! :)

  13. This is what happens when staff members go AFK without notice around other staff members. We build a ticket booth around them when they don't have build perms and make them work as carny's!! :p
  14. That is hilarious! :)
  15. haha don't go afk :p
  16. lol gamekribjim you're catched
  17. We should have a competition to see who can catch the most staff! :) lol
  18. on the same time lol :p
  19. haha lol! OMG! I just realized I got Active Member! :)