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  1. what do's gamekrib mean
  2. is like a blog?
  3. Providing innovative solutions to the universe of social media and user generated content.
    is there modo i belive
    and its like a.......hummmmm
    oh (snaps fingers) its like a facebook for gamers basicly i think??
    idk ask justin its his i think????
  4. Yes. GameKrib was a project we worked on for a couple years in which we tried to tackle the social networking world by combining it with Gaming. While we have a lot of loyal fans (and awesome friends we met) of GameKrib, it unfortunately didn't grow to the size we would have liked it to. This is mainly due to that fact that there are no social networking sites that have a niche (niche meaning a specific topic, like Gaming) that are really becoming popular as everyone is stuck on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, lol.

    However, GameKrib was a huge stepping stone that taught Justin and I a LOT about running a community and got us into Minecraft, so nothing about that venture is/was regretable. :)
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  5. oh ok thanks GameKribJEREMY
  6. just join the gamekrib community