[GameKrib Moments] Star Wars Battlefront Moments #01

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  1. GameKrib Moments are montages of game moments, epic, funny, or otherwise, of games we play or from clips submitted to us (if anyone else has some from their 'saved clips' using that XBOX One save feature, let me know and I can use it in a future one! Doesn't have to be just Star Wars Battlefront.)

    Disclaimer: Features some Mature Language in the song (made by iSmooch) and obviously violence with it being Star Wars Battlefront. Enjoy!

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  2. The title made me think of the old GameKrib from the server before it was EMC. lol.

    This title may attract a different views of people. If you know what I mean. lol.
  3. Actually is the same GameKrib...sort of. After I created EMC with Justin way back then, sadly, GameKrib got pushed to the back, simply because of the workload the next 3 years put on us with Minecraft that we didn't expect. Well, now that I'm 'out' of the Minecraft game in terms of server running, I thought it'd be fun to revive that old GameKrib community and try to do something awesome with it.

    Old one didn't die due to being a bad idea, it just simply didn't have the 'love' it needed when we were torn away from it. Have a few names on board you might remember as well to help this time around, like GameKribJim, iSmooch, Jinkers, NurseKilljoy, etc.

    Who knows, when we're more solid in a growing state, we may run some contests on GameKrib that will award prizes here?