[GameKrib Moments] Battlefield 4 Moments #01

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  1. GameKrib Moments are montages of game moments, epic, funny, or otherwise, of games we play or from clips submitted to us (if anyone else has some from their 'saved clips' using that XBOX One save feature, let me know and I can use it in a future one! Doesn't have to be just Battlefield 4.) :)

    Disclaimer: Features some Mature Language in the song (made by iSmooch) and obviously violence with it being Battlefield 4. Enjoy! :)

  2. Nice Koch! Ill check them out :p
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  3. Battlefield 4, still playing it to this day. Too bad you're on the Xbox 1, would love to join you if you were on the PS4 ;)
  4. You getting the Starwars Battlefield coming out in a couple months?
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  5. Most likely not. I usually stick to one or two games, so I will most likely be picking up BO3. I played the beta and had a lot of fun with that. :)
  6. We will definitely be making BO3 'moment' videos as well. We're getting that (we being my 'crew' of friends). But man, Battlefield 4 + Starwars...can't pass that up. :p
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  7. Pre-orded when it was first announced! That franchise is my childhood, never been this excited for a game before. The beta is out sooooon :D <333

    Also, nice content! I'll give you a sub momentarily :)
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  8. Appreciate it! What system you play on?
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  9. I didn't buy any of the latest generation of consoles so PC :)
  10. Had a look and it looks nice, Koch! Those helicopter take-downs were especially cool! :D
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  11. That would be my friend Brewing Master. He is stupidly good at this game.
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  12. Yus These games will be amazing Koch, but only if I had Xbox instead of Playstaion...
  13. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! :D
  14. I'd love to play games with you, I used to play Minecraft with you on your server :p