[Game] Three word story!

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  1. just your usual three word story.

    for those of you who dont know its a game where we tell a story but you can only have three words or less in your post.
  2. The pig went
  3. To Cow's house
  4. and ate hamburgers
  5. Cow bit pig
  6. and yelled yum
  7. . Then the cow
  8. picked up a
  9. little furry twig
  10. and found out
  11. that it was
  12. not a twig.
  13. He then went
  14. Creeper went Boom :(
  15. whilst he was
  16. eating potatos at
  17. Parkerjv9's epic res :3
  18. Cookies are yummy
  19. For good stuff :p
  20. Pig decided to...