Game Suggestions?

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Minecraft? (Don't ask xD)

Yes! 6 vote(s) 85.7%
Naw 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hi everyone!

    Lately, I've been unable to play Minecraft PC version due to not being able to have my computer at one house.

    I don't have an xbox or playstation....and my computer without Minecraft doesn't have much memory. Games that I have on my iPod/iPhone are getting a bit boring, also.

    Do any of you know fun games that are similar to Minecraft? Preferably free? :p
  2. Not much virtual memory or RAM? I'd have to recommend terraria (uhhh I didn't just make a post asking if anyone wants to play terraria) It's sadly not on sale anymore. It's ten bucks, but there's so much content in that little pixeled game that you would not regret it. Tons more content than minecraft :p
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  3. Eight more days, eight more days.
  4. What's in eight days?
  5. I heard it was a pretty cool game. I just didn't want to get addicted to two games :p I'll see if I can download it....
  6. I just made this, it made me happy :D

    But now I'm sad because the it's over
  7. They may not be free, or be like Minecraft, but check out any early id Software game. They'd run on almost any machine and they're the best games of all time.
  8. Cube World. It hasn't received an update in like, a year, but its already a pretty nice game. Think Minecraft meets Legend of Zelda (which are the two games it was inspired by).
  9. All of the games in the Wargaming family are great games you might be limited to World of Tanks and World of Warplanes because World of Warships is in the beta stage (you have to pay for access to WoWs) also they are all free :D (with in-game purchases but WoWs isnt)
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