Game slowing down, then crashing on my res.

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  1. Hello, I've been having this problem for the last 9-10 hours. At certain spots on my res, it slows down, then crashes. the first couple hours was anytime i went near my villagers, i only had maybe 6. now i'm shoveling my res, removing dirt and it's happening again. The game slows down like a lag like state, then i cant move at all and the game crashes. I am able to travel the waste and wild without this happening. It is also happening at certain spots in my vault...

    I have tried another server, and the problem does not persist.

    I get a few seconds when i log back on that I can /home and show up back at the spawn area on my res, which so far has not been affected. But now I am unable to complete tasks on my own res without crashing. Any help on this matter would be helpful.

    If you need anymore information let me know.
  2. Sorry, should have mentioned my res is on SMP 2.
  3. Try checking the res's around you and figure out if they have anything that may cause you to lag (excessive amount of item frames, redstone contraptions, entity limit reached, etc.) If they have any of that description then I guess the best solution is to move to a different res where your neighbors don't lag you, as for the vault crashing you that I don't know.
  4. to move all my stuff would take me weeks to do. Anyone coming onto my res also crashes.
    and theres no fix for this?
  5. Just tested it, it is almost instant crash when digging and i have a nice laptop...
  6. no clue at all you will need to ask them around hopefully removing the firework machine will fix it:) best of luck
  7. New

    so that means that the 7 people around the res thats causing the crashes have to move?
    doesn't seem like much of a solution.