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  1. Hello. Did ya miss me, server?

    As some of you may know, i recently started playing again as of a few days ago. And i dont have much. But after my question is finsished (link is here I will be doing a weekly quiz, offering prizes!! Here are the prize list

    Easy=dye, leather, dirt, 25-100 rupees, 5 tokens

    Medium= iron,food, mob drops, 125-300 rupees, 10-25 tokens

    Hard=gold, iron block, lotsa coal, 250-375 rupees, 25-50 tokens

    CHAOS!!!!=diamonds, rare drops,500 rupees, 75 tokens

    (chaos will be shorter time to answer, a hard question, and a chosen number will be answered EX: the 5th one who posts the right answer gets the prize)

    Post a reply of what you think about this... and have a great day :3