Game: Modern Warfare 3

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  1. This Is Just Like BF3...
    I Like This Game Best Game I Have Played!To Me This One Is 3rd Place In My Favorite List...
    • 1ST: BF3
    • 2ND:Batman Arkham City
    • 3RD: MW3
    That Is My List And I Like This Game Cause:
    • People Like It
    • My Friend Likes It
    • It Is My 3RD Fave
    Hope You Enjoy This!
  2. BF3 should've been the best shooter of the year. it was really good and good maps
  3. isnt minecraft on your list?
  4. Yeah But I Am Talking About Console Games Not Computer...
  5. You should put MW3 on the top of the list if you ask me:D
  6. bf3 is more realistic
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  7. But BF3's maps are too huge!
  8. I say MW3 is better i like the maps and guns best game i've played so far and battlefield 3 is 2nd place for me
  9. But Bf3 has better grafhics and it's Swedish:)
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  10. You can't really compare the recent CoD's with the Bf series. MW3 has a much more arcade feel than BF3. But that's normal, as they do not promise the same thing.
    Also, map size in BF3 isn't too disorientating if you were already playing BF2 (which still has better variety than the 3, albeit being dated), especially the Armored Fury maps Highway Tampa (tank fest map), Operation Harvest, or Operation Road Rage.
    I like big spaces, so I'm biased towards BF3 :D
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  11. I like crushing other ppl jeep (enemy side only XD) by riding tank over them. it's so profanities.
  12. ahahaha idk guys they're both good game but COD has been going on longer than battlefield
  13. I love BF3 :)
    MW2 is F-A-I-L (same story, same grafics)
  14. BF3 has such small maps though. How do you play a "tactical" game with such small maps?
  15. Space invaders is the best war game of all time, OF ALL TIME.
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  16. I luv both :D
  17. honestly, BF3 and MW3 are two different styles of shooter, you can't really compare them. MW3 is a run and gun lone wolf shooter, you can work with a team or without it and succeed. BF3 on the other handle is a tactical team based realistic shooter, if you run and gun, you're most likely going to die. To best succeed, you must work at a team. I have both and I like them both, if I feel like short, simple, point and shoot matches, I'll play MW3, if I want to think and plan, I'll play BF3
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  18. Why is it that I laugh whenever someone says battlefield is realistic?
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  19. Ugh, minecraft is a Console game! How could you not know this infos!!! :p

    Yea lol, it would be realistic when you get shot you can never come back to life and NEVER play again :p