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  1. Long long ago, an old tribe would play a game called Fine and Squeak. A member of the tribe hid an object in an unknown place then the other's raced with each other to find it. Well... this is the 21st century version.

    Each week, I (or someone I nominate) hides a sign with the words 'Find and Squeak' and a link to this thread somewhere in town. All you get told is the server that the sign is on and a few hints at the residence and a screenshot or two. Whoever successfully finds the sign, screenshots it and states where it is wins that week's prize. However, if no-one finds it before the end of the week then that week's prize is lost.

    So, here's the rules:
    1. Don't ruin it for others. If you know the location but don't want to play then just move on. If you find a location by accident and don't want to claim the prize, then just move on.
    2. You can only claim your prize if you include the following in your post: the res number, the owner of the res and a screenshot clearly showing the sign and it's surroundings.
    3. If for some reason the sign is removed mid-week then I will try and get a new one up and the time extended as quickly as possible. However, if this is not possible then all I can do is apologise.
    4. Please don't post hints while the game is on, if you know just post and claim the prize yourself.
    5. There is only a prize for first place and it will change every week. On the rare occasion of it not being possible to provide the listed prize then I will provide one of higher value. However, I can't see this ever happening.
    6. Prizes will be given at my discretion. If I feel that your screenshot didn't clearly show the signs surroundings or that you have somehow cheated then you will not receive anything. You may edit your posts before I see them if you fail at putting everything.
    7. I reserve the right to change the rules at any time

    So, week 1:
    Server: SMP1
    Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/sOhLf
    Hints: 1: This person is a gold supporter. 2: The sign looks tasty
    Prize: 5000r
    Ends: 5th August at midnight GMT
    Good luck to all entrants!
  2. I think I know where it is! Be on in a bit to find it :D
  3. ooooo How exciting...!!!

  4. Def not an edit :rolleyes::
    Res: 968
    Owner: Spiffey
    *tee hee* ;)
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  5. Res: 968
    Owner: Spiffey

    EDIT: Should I win because pengy never put information?
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  6. Ugh I was this close -squeezes fingers together-
  7. I feel so special :)
  8. I found this earlier but I didn't know what it was, Spiff D:
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  9. Such an amazing res...
  10. This sounds like it could be really fun! I am in on the next one!
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  11. I'll try the next one. Too late for this one.
  12. Congratulations Pengw7n, you win the 5k! I'll send it to you right now. :) Edit's are fine, provided all info is provided when I see it.
  13. Dangit Jack he didn't have the stuff until he edited poo turds.. can I get a rupee for pity lool
  14. /r pay Tehwafflez 1
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  15. thanks jack haha! Now I have 21,850
  16. When's the next one Jaclk
  17. Probably tomorrow. :)
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  18. Can you chage the time on releasing the hints, because if you live somewhere else than in the US, than it is not fair
  19. I live in the UK, but I'll try and spread out the times I release them as much as possible. :)