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  1. So I am bored, and decided to do something random I am going to say a trivia question in another language and the first person to pm me the name of the language and the answer to the trivia question will win 3,000 rupees (You need to tell me the language I used and answer the question in that language).
    For example if I were to ask:
    The verbatim answer (As long as you respond in that language and the answer is pretty much correct) you would pm me is:
    Okay, got that? So the first trivia question is:
  2. I tried, but none of the translators I used recognize the language! Did you just make that up?

    Edit: Oh, not a language -- you want a PM?
  3. Both people who have answered so far are technically right but neither named the language.. So I am going to give the 3,000 to both people whom answered..

    The language is Al Bhed. The Al Bhed language is a unique language in Spira (Final Fantasy X), spoken by the Al Bhed people. Working like a substitution cipher (a language system replacing certain letters with others), it shares the same syntax and grammar of English in the English version of the games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. In the Japanese version it follows much the same pattern except in using the Japanese Romaji alphabet instead to speak and translate the language. -Source

    Quote does translate to:

    -Margaritte was able to translate it using a cypher

    The story is from Final Fantasy 4 in which Cecil Harvey and his friend, Kain Highwind (a Dragoon) are forced to take a package to the village of Mist by a Usurper disguised as the King of Baron. Before reaching the village, they are confronted by a Dragon that forms from the Mists in the cave they must pass through to get to the village. The dragon dissipates into a cloud of mists and is untargetable and can only be damaged when it turns solid again. When the dragon is defeated and they arrive in town, the package opens and monsters emerge and begin to raze the village. A girl is found by the body of her dead mother whom is in shock and learns that these two people whom appeared killed the Mist Dragon, which in turn killed her mother, because Mist is a village of summoners and the dragon was her mother's familiar.
    cam13868674 responded with:

    Which is technically the correct answer, "Hit it in its physical form"

    However, margaritte responded with:
    Which can also be correct if you take physics into account.. xD

    Give me a moment to load the client so that I can send the funds.. xD
  4. Payout from first Trivia:
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  5. Aw man. I knew that was Al Bhed the second I saw it, but this thread was made while I was sleeping, and now it's too late. :(
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  6. figures i find this too late to play(huge FFX fan)
  7. Trivia time #2
    Remember to PM me the language and the answer in that language to win rupees.. :3
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  8. Importerer has given the correct answer.. It is Hamlet's monolouge in Klingon.. :3
  9. hamlet is my favorite play XD