Game: Battlefield 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SuperLegoBoy6, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. I Was Wondering If Anyone Has Seen Battlefield 3?It Is My Favorite Game I Have Played Yet Coolest.
    Battlefield 3 And Modern Warfare 3 Set Up A Vote So Who Could Win BF3 Was The Clear Winner.
    BF3 Was Known As The BEST Shooter Game And I Kind Of Believe That Because:
    • Battlefield 3 Won Between Modern Warfare 3
    • Battlefield 3 Has More Votes
    • Battlefield 3 Is My Favorite Game
    No Offense To The Other Game's I Have Played.
  2. Add me on PSN: AdamNav1
    I play any call of duty :)
  3. I have spent so much time on EMC that I haven't gotten BF3 or MW3....
  4. I like BF3, but I find moving and looking around a little awkward.
  5. Did you guys get MW3 as well? If so what would you recommend?
  6. I Kind Of Feel The Same Lol!
  7. I Am Gonna Do A Recommend That. :)
  8. They are both really good,but I'd recommend MW3 mainly because all of my friends play it. :)