[GAME] 1 Sentence Story game.

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  1. This is the 1 sentence story game, probably like what you would do around a campfire by telling a story and you only get 1 sentence. Then it passes to the next person.
    1. You only get 1 sentence at a time.
    2. You can not post another sentence immediately following another of your sentences.
    3. This thread can not have anything that would be considered inappropriate for anyone under 13.
    4. Breaking rule 13 will lead to that post being deleted and all posts by that user after that post will also be deleted.
    5. No sentence can end the story unless I specifically give the person permission to end the story
    6. If you blow up the planet the story is taking place on, then the next post must include that another planet formed for the story to continue on

    I will start the story:
    In the year 1999, a group of scientists found a planet.