Galleria La Grandiosa [1112 Early Looks]

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  1. Heya EMC!
    As most of you know, my mall located at 1112 (not advertising mwahah) is under reconstruction.
    Our plans is to change all floors, change walls, change roof and just give everything on the residence a little extra, ;)

    This is being renovated by Eclipsys, which also created the basic design. That also means, that if you wish to throw a donation towards this project, you should aim the rupees at Eclipsys.
    I'll show you three pictures of what we've done so far :)
    The glowstone letters are of course saying [E]clipsys and [F]aithcaster

    Flying teleports, how cool is that .d?
    2014-01-31_23.16.25.png The Wheel of Rupees have recieved an upgrade that just looks sweet as puppies :) Thanks for looking at this, please ask me anything you like about anything, if you have been wondering about anything recently or whatever. I'm not gonna spoil any futher ideas for the residence so "you'll see"-Eclipsys
  2. Hoorah! :D
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  3. Ohhh!
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  4. Cool Beans! :D
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  5. :D Can't wait!!
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  6. You guys must have had fun clearing those redstone torches underground :p
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  7. Cool building, want see it as soon it opens :D.