Galeria Lafayette Grand Opening - Faith Inc.

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  1. It's finally here! The grand opening of /v 1112 - Galeria Lafayette.
    A long time ago, Eclipsys and I decided to do a complete renovation of 1112, and we are finally seeing an end to it. We have made new designed lobby, with an all new TeleHub design. New look to the front of 1112. Completely new roof. All new designed shop booths. New room for the popular Wheel of Rupees. "The V" Basiclly a vault filled with promo's for cheap prices. New Public Utilities, and so much more.
    Someone told me once, before you open a mall, you must celebrate, and YES I do plan to do that.
    -//=The Party=\\-
    I'm ofcourse gonna make it rain expensive items on everyone, we're talking DCs of DCs of DCs of Gems, Promos, Rares, Rupee Vouchers and Faithcaster Heads.
    But before we make it rain, we're gonna have a treasure hunt around the new 1112 to learn it abit about the new setup. That's gonna be random chests filled with goodies. That's how we're gonna start the whole thing. People will stack up infront of 1112, and as soon as i give move, everyone can move in. As soon as movement is given you're gonna find the awesome chests I've hidden, first come first serve. I guarantee, there is gonna be more than plenty for everyone.

    The drop party will take place at /v 1112 @ SMP1. It will start exactly 11:00PM CEST. I was nice, so i made a countdown thing for everyone to use.
  2. Goodie Looking for to it Faith
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  3. Sounds exciting, I will try my best to get there :)
  4. 2nd.

    FDNEHHY ninja'd me

    yeey. master brain behind this operation will go now ;p
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  5. Wow! This sounds absolutely amazing! I'll be there! :D
  6. BBB
    Bump Before Bed.
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  7. Lets do a giveaway, first 10 to reply get 1000r :D
  8. - Gets on all his alts -
  9. Woot, free rupzzz
  10. I'll use it to buy more emeralds
  11. This is a fantastic idea ! I will try to be there.
  12. woot woot, gonna be there
  13. What day did you say it is? Didn't see it in OP
  14. Can't wait for it to open.
  15. Wow, first a party, now a random giveaway. You're really generous! Thanks! :D
  16. Yup :p
  17. Just Wow... Take The Last Spot =\
  18. Aww. no sneak peak at what it looks like before i can log in? :)

    Guess I have to visit huh?
  19. Figure it out through the timer at the end, 10:00 PM GMT, I gave you GMT because it's the central time zone :D