Galant's Short Stories

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  1. Here I shall post short stories I come up with in my free time.
    I have no idea what to put here so... I will fill it up later.
  2. Story #1

    Samuel sought serenity. He had pondered this for a plethora of long, boring days. Still nonplussed, Samuel set out on a expedition to escape his dull home. Samuel traveled to Oakhaven, the epitomeof the word serene. On the last day of his trip, the last uneventful, boring, blasted day, Samuel realised something. His days spent alone on his dismal - no, beautiful - were not boring, rather, they were serene. He had been seeking what he possessed all along!

    When he came to this conclusion, Samuel made the trek back to his farm. He needed not a new place to live in. The occasional caw of the crows was actually quite pleasant to Samuel. However, had he stayed in Oakhaven, there would be no caw, only the quaint coos from jays and songbirds. Although these were great pieces of musical art, Samuel preferred his home, and believed his hours spent lounging were serene: Samuel sought no more.