Gah! Builders Block.....

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  1. So I wanted to build something mainly to hold all my extra stuff and also house generators, workshops, etc. usually, when I build, I just start with a shape and go from there. More or less, "wing it".

    Not this time though. I started a shape, and now I hate it. lol.

    Time to start over.
  2. I don't think it looks too horrible at this point.
  3. This happens to me 11/10 times I build. Although I like what you have started everyone has different opinions :p Have fun tearing it down and rebuilding!
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  4. neat staircase :) looks like something I would build
  5. I just can not envision the end build looking anything great.

  6. Building Rules

    1. Use stained clay/wool to add variety
    2. It always works
    3. If it doesn't work, see rule 2.
  7. not at all lol