Gaaaame of Thrones

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  1. Its Sunday and tonight is a new episode !!!!

    Anyone else watching it?
    Have you been keeping up or just starting? I need others to talk to about it
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  2. Never watched. Seems too extreme for my taste of TV.
  3. Its basically Boobs,Blood and Dragons. Its good but theres some moments id rather not see :p
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    In all honesty, I haven't liked season 5 particularly much in comparison to the first 3 series. The same goes for season 4. They just feel meh to me, i don't know whether that's just me being picky but my friends have said the same so I'm unsure
  5. That last two eps i cant watch sansa's parts its just UGH ugh UGH, the new one is starting in 3 mins and i cant wait to see what happens to cersei *whoop whoops* GOING DOOOOOOOOOOOOWN
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  6. I'm a fan of little finger.. anyone else? No? Good, because I was just kidding. :]
  7. Little finger is okay, im mad for where he put sansa,in the books she never goes back to winterfell but UGH. Also little finger better make up to the tyrell granny
  8. Bronn, Ramsay and Tyrion are my favourites at the moment. With little finger and varys following closely (I don't think varys will return though :/)
  9. I am enjoying Tyrion's story right now, but then again, everyone loves Tyrion.
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  10. Ugh i wanna kill ramsay so much i hate hate hate hate HIMMMMMMM
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  11. Just finished watching todays ep,all i can say is ................. no words
  12. I love him! I have a great gif on my phone that I'd love to upload, but for some reason it won't let me. I'll find it online a little later :p.

    I can see why you hate him though, he is probably the biggest douche around, probably more insane than a few characters put together. But that's why I love him.

    EDIT: Just finished the latest episode and it's by far my favourite of season 5.
  13. I hate ramsay for what hes doing to sansa,and i hate that D&D is writing it this way just to make theon look like a good guy now.

    Also can we talk about the children white walkers? Whoever that lady was that died I feel bad because i was starting to like her !! But omg the kids scared me i couldnt sleep at all last night.

    The night king was pretty cool too with the way he made jon watch him bring the dead back to life,like as if all that fighting they just did didnt even matter,also apparently valyrian steel(jons sword) is as powerful as dragon glass? pretty weird.
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  14. That fighting wasn't for nothing, they managed to kill a white walker, that's probably worth quite a lot. They also learnt valyrian steel works against them, however they did lose all the dragon glass. The night king was pretty epic! I reallly wanted him to put his magnificent hands into the water and freeze it, or for the giant to die and bring one of those back....
  15. Yea the night king was pretty cool, i was sad for the female cheief to die though, i mean they set her up all cool and stuff but when she told her daughter she was right behind them i was like " yea shes dieing this ep". Cause what did we learn from movies and videogames? the ones talking about their family or planning to make one always dies.
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  16. Time for another ep of Got,im scared for tonight esp after last night
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