G&D Inc. Launch on SMP9

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  1. G&D Inc. is a New Service That allows anyone to join! We will offer lots of Events,Farms,and other Amazing things to are member and the public!
    Here is a Little bit about what We will Offer!

    We will host parties at are Res (18131)
    We we have Drop parties and other Awesome Events too!

    We Will have public farms at are res allowing you to take them back to your res and sell them in your shop!
    We will most like have Wheat,Carrot,Potato,Pumpkin,Melon,And Wool Farms!

    DuckTapeCow-Co Owner
    Still looking for more staff!
    PM if you would like an application!

    Here is a picture of the entrance to the Main building! 2013-07-17_16.40.43.png
    So here's When we launch
    July 19 at 7:00 pm EST
  2. Yeah, make sure to be there for the launch for there might be some nice things given out like Diamonds!
  3. So it's just a group that parties and farms? I'm in.
  4. Theres more way more and would you like to apply for an application?
  5. Sure.
  6. This Application is to be a Staff do you think what you have what it takes to be a staff?
  7. Well I'm one of the head Staff members of another group so sure, why not.
  8. K I'll start a cove with you with the app. Info
  9. This sounds great! Can I join?
  10. I would like to join!
  11. Duck can u please add me in the convo for I'm the owner. Thx
  12. Yes
    Sincerely,Co-Owner of G&D
  13. Yes you may