Fynriel's Big Treasure Hunt (smp1/809)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Fynriel, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Since this has somewhat become a trend (or so I hear), I decided to open up my res to everyone for a limited time before I reset it.

    As some of you may know, I recently closed my store on smp1/809. I did strip the buildings of its most valuable blocks that were used in its construction (most of the glowstone, logs, etc.) and turned the whole place into one giant ruin.

    Apart from this though, I didn't take anything. This means, whatever hasn't been sold, is still in the chests. :D The huge obsidian floor is also only partly mined, since I lack the patience to do so.

    There are many riches to be found if one knows where to look.

    But here's the interesting part: Somewhere on the res, in the ruins of "Fynriel's", there lies an incredible* treasure!
    (And no, it's not buried 60 blocks in the ground somewhere, that would be lame)

    So here are the details:

    Starting tomorrow, Sunday, I will open up my res for 5 days (until Thursday). Anyone may come by and loot it, look for the treasure chest or just have fun! I'll probably be there too. ;)

    *I mean it, you won't be disappointed should you find it! :)

    If this is in any way, that I currently fail to see, against the rules, I'll of course refrain from doing it.
  2. sweet! and u r gonna just do /res set build t
    cuz ive been in one of these and the guy (FAIL) used manual /res pset (playa) build true
    instead of just doing shortcut for public...
  3. Yes, of course. Anything else would be kinda stupid. ;)
  4. Guys you all need to be there!
  5. Sounds cool!
  6. i got the diamond ore! :D
  7. Thanks everyone who came to the "launch event" and congratz on finding the tresure! Video coming soon....
  8. Yay i took all the sandstone and signs and netherrack!
  9. o and what WAS the treasure? a dia blokc?