FYI - Rei's Mini-map update - 1.6.4

Discussion in 'Acceptable EMC Minecraft Mods' started by Slip_Stream, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Well, I don't know why its not on there, but Rei's may be going the way of the dodo...

    Forge said yesterday that they are dropping the modloader support in 1.7, so compatability for modloader stuff is going to become really hard.

    I will be looking into disabling the cheating features of Zan's Minimap though so people can use that eventually.
  2. *waits patiently for MCP to update so I can get optifine, rei's minimap, and mccapes 1.7*
    I haven't seen Zan's minimap but on rei's thread someone said that some download sources have been modified with a hack that can allow your minecraft account to be hacked, so maybe if Aikar can find a way to disable the cheats in it, someone else could post the original link to the minimap......because I'm too lazy to look for it myself
  3. I don't really even get Forge, it's so much easier to just install things yourself.
  4. A good portion of mods rely on Forge, and then it's a simple drag and drop into the mods folder, so even easier. :p
  5. But then you have to wait for updates/compatibility issues/installing, I find it so much easier to do it manually. I only use simple mods, SPC (WE) and Rei's Minimap, so it's much easier for me to do it manually.