FYI on SMP4 egg.

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  1. A long time ago I said 2 million rupees would be the magic number where I'd sell a dragon egg. SMP4's to be exact. Back when I said that, only a few had a million, if even that.

    Xandrow took me up on my offer, and bought the SMP4 dragon egg from me for 2,000,001r.

    Here's some pictures.

    2012-08-07_17.56.07.png 2012-08-07_17.56.09.png

    SMP4's egg is now xandrow's, and I've heard he is going to use it in an epic act of charity. May it serve him well.
  2. Wow! That was quitr unexpected! I'm curious what Xandrow will do as a charity with 1 egg..
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  3. Awesome! Congrats on your new eg Xandrow! Conrgats on selling it ignoramoose! :)
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  4. Awesome! A 1 rupee profit! XD
  5. Congrats Xandrow
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  6. I actually paid 84,000 rupees for this egg, from it's original owner about 6 months ago. At that time 84,000 rupees was a large sum.
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  7. in other news, i broke 10k today XD
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  8. When I said Ill give the egg away I wasnt trolling
    I'm a loyal person, and I always do what I say.

    Withing few months the SMP4 egg WILL be given out
    I have no clue how Ill do the give away
    but alot of people WILL have a chance to win it.
    I might ask for help to do the giveaway, but there is still time for all this.

    The Dragon egg was my LAST achievement here on EMC.
    It was the hardest achievement to achieve, and it costed me 2,000,001rupees but it was well worth it.

    My originally plan with the egg was to put on a dirt block, but I just made a new building on my residence so that won't happen :(

    Ohwell enough of me, wanna see the egg? SMP5 Res #11240 :)
  9. aww come on atleast keep it on its proper server
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  10. Congrats Ignoramoose on becoming the richest staff member, it should be ICC but he spends all his rupees on TNT.

    Well done Xandrow on achieving you goal.
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  11. Don't worry, Krysyy will be home soon enough and I'll be poor again :(
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