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  1. Hey everyone, posting to let you all know that I will be working on a future parkour that might take a few months because of my schedule. The theme of the parkour which will be, in size, 3 residence big will be a dungeon themed (sort of). My future goal for this project is that once supporter derelict hits (and I lose 3/4 of my residences) in the future it can become a perm. server parkour that the staffs can copy and paste somewhere in town so that it can be there for future players and those who are going crazy looking for a parkour. With this epic parkour I'am planing I want my entrance to look SUPER AWESOME. This is also why I'am looking for a builder can satisfy my vision of my entrance. Down below will be a rough simple outline of how I want the overall 60x60 residence to look like for the entrance and some info you need to know. (If this is not suppose to be in this forum I am sorry I was confused whether to put it here or business forum)

    1: What I am aiming for is a skeleton or some type of undead monster emerging from the ground so half of the body (above part) will be visible while the other half is not and do not need to be built (bottom part). It does not need to be emerging it can already be up and going berzerk. :)
    2: As for the entrance itself you can look for a good place to put it or that will be done by me
    3: You also have to come up with a terrain that will fit well with it because I'am just not good with those kinda random things (Minecraft ocd ._.)
    4: You will have to pre build this on creative in singleplayer and post it in a pm to me so I can decide if it meets my standards :p
    5: You might feel that it will be hard to duplicate what you created in single player but no worries. There is a mod in which you can easily copy a project and then go on multiplayer and use a hologram of it to rebuild it. (This mod is approved in EMC, which I will help you with if i pick you)
    6: All materials that is needed will be provided by me once i make my choice
    7: The build payment is 50,000r (All credit of your build will be given to you with a sign at the residence spawn)
    8: I'am hoping to find what I'am looking for by the end of this month or next month. I am not rushing this so :).

    Here is what I was thinking:
    The black line represents the undead monster
    light gray line is my representation of the walk way :p
    The red line is my idea of walls crumbling around the skeleton as it comes out from the ground.
    Here is an example of an undead monster build that I've seen on project minecraft and can be used as an inspiration for your creation undead monster:

    PS, I was already thinking of using the creation I found above to build my entrance but I wanted something originally done by the great builders in EMC. But if this thread end up as a failure I might just go with my original plan :p.

    Please understand that I might end up not picking anyone. This is not a contest its more like a client/builder relationship.
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  3. Is there a deadline on this? as right now I'm without computer for maybe 3weeks :/
  4. Giving it about 1 month and a half at the end of feb.
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  6. I can get schematics of two hard parkour courses.
  7. the parkour itself ama be building i dont need to copy other peoples parkour :p. Ty for the offer tho.