Future Mega Mall -- Please donate

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  1. I am sure you all have probably heard about 930 on smp1. I have now res resseted and I am working on a MEGA mall!

    The res number of the mega mall is 930, on smp1. I am currently in the needs of donations. I am also starting to build the mall. Please donate to 930!

    Also, we are hoping to finish the mall by the end of may, so we can get the drop party of the month ready!
  2. I bet it's gonna be awesome. Can your Gold Ingot Prices stay the same? They were da best on da empire :3
  3. BUMP :p

    Mega mall is now 25% done. :D
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  4. ....? drop party of the month you say
  5. Yes, I always have drop partys at the month at 930.
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