Futurama based Head Museum

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  1. Hey guys I have created a Head Museum on Smp2 Res #4064. This will be a Futurama based Residence with various museums. If you would like to donate your head to the museum you can mail them to Drvtec221 or drop them in the donations box. I will not be purchasing anything for this or probably any of my museums. Anything anyone would like to donate head or promo wise is for the museum only. I welcome anyone and everyone to come check it out.

  2. Cool can't wait to check it out!
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  3. Yeeee Buddy! We just need someone with a President Nixon Head, and we can have that there xD
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  4. Now we need aikar to make a Charleston Chew promo :p
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  5. Just added a Suicide Booth. Come check everything out and donate your head or someone elses head maybe. I'm up to 89 heads atm.