Funny thing that happened in your childhood?

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  1. Just post here what a memory from ur young ages that was very funny and stupid! :)
    Mine is when I was 6 we were about to go for a drive somewhere and I was on the spoiler thing at the back of the car that connects boat Yo car ad slipped and y nuts landed right on it. Hurt so bad :)
  2. I grew up..

    Sad, but thats the funniest thing.
  3. Oh u had no child hood? U should try jumping around the couches pretending floor is lava :D
  4. i had 1 when i was 8 i was fishing and and my rod fell into the water i ended up jumping after it and it was winter sooo freezing cold
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  5. Me and my big sister used to do that, we use to call it "hot lava stuff" and would spread out cushions on the floor to connect all the chairs together, i had forgot about that, cheers Mrsmiley :D